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Vid Show

Opening Vid from 2015

ConneXions is a media convention for slashers, but we are gen friendly. We will be accepting slash and gen vids. Slash submissions should be m/m, f/f, or poly, and gen vids should deal with the canonical representation of the fandom.

We want everyone to enjoy the vid show, so we will do our best to present a diverse and balanced playlist of fandoms, pairings, music styles, and vidders. We would love to see vids featuring characters of different races, ethnicities, sexes, genders, physical abilities, and ages. We encourage vidders to use different genres of music. We want to make sure everybody sees something they like and something that is new to them.

We will gladly accept premiering vids as well as vids first publicly shown within the calendar year prior to the con.

If you are planning on submitting a vid to us, please contact Ker at, even if you are not ready to submit at this time. It helps us to have an idea of how many vids we should be expecting. If you want to suggest a vid, please contact Ker as soon as possible to allow time for the vidder to be contacted.

Submitting Vids

  • All vids must be received at least 30 days before the convention. Submissions cannot be accepted at the convention.
  • We will do our best to make available warnings for common physical and emotional triggers in the vids we show. If you are submitting a vid with triggers, please include this information with your submission. Examples of possible warnings include the following:
    • Strobe/lighting effects
    • Blood
    • Violence: please specify type of weapons and type of victims, particularly if it's not canon-typical violence
    • Misogynist lyrics
    • Discordant/distorted audio
    • Other: vidder specified
  • Vidders can send three vids, either as a solo vidder or as a part of a collaboration.
  • Vids may be submitted electronically or by mail. If you are interested in sending us a vid, please contact Ker at for details on transferring the files.