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What about children?  I thought you had to be 18.

There are two answers to this one.  

Starting in 2019, we are admitting 17 year olds with confirmation from their parents that they have permission to be at the con.  If a panel topic is suggested that is guaranteed to be more than an "R" rating, we will not permit 17 year olds to attend.  

Children and teens under 17 will not be allowed to attend panels.  For those children, we recommend that fen find a sitter so that they can better enjoy the con. At the parents discretion, those under 17 may attend the Game Night & the Vid Show but they must keep in mind that things may be said or referred to that they do not want their children to hear.  If we receive a vid that includes NC-17 material, children will not be allowed. Children may visit the Con Suite.  
Will there be food? a con suite? a hospitality suite?
ConneXions provides a Con Suite during the con to provide snacks and beverages (not enough to live on during the course of the con.) We welcome donations, but ask that you bring an ingredient list. Please don't bring food with nuts because we are attempting to keep the suite nut-free, in case any of y'all are allergic. In addition to being a place to grab a bite to eat, we also provide a television with dvd player and a number of table games. [back to question list]
Will there be dealers?
There will not be a traditional Dealers' Room, as we are reclaiming that space for programming.  We have created a "Sponsor" section on our EventsXD app for Dealers. [back to question list]
Will there be a free table or swap table?
No. We don't have the ability to re-home anything not claimed at the con, so we will not have a swap table. [back to question list]
Will there be room parties?
We will provide space to announce room parties.  [back to question list]
Can we have Door Decorations?
Amazingly enough, the answer to this is YES.  Of course, there are a few caveats.  Door decorations cannot come out into the hallway, they must not cover the room number, and they cannot be inappropriate for the general public -- we are not the only ones in this hotel.  
The hotel would also like to point out that the guest would be responsible for any damage that they do to the door and that the hotel is Not responsible if someone else does something to your door decoration -- again, we're not the only people in the hotel. [back to question list]
Will there be any Thursday night activity?
We will be holding a early bird dinner at the Melting Pot for those who come in ahead of time.  If you wish to attend, please let ker know at dcmf.office@gmail.com. [back to question list]

What's the weather like? What should I wear?
DC is hot and muggy in the summer, with temperatures above 90 pretty common. The hotel is heavily air-conditioned. A temperature difference of 25 degrees Fahrenheit between inside and outside is not unusual. Cardigans, shawls, or hoodies may help you adjust as you move about the hotel or go out to restaurants, etc.
Dress for comfort. Attendees tend to favor casual dress, with a lot of t-shirts and jeans. Please do not wear a tiara, as that is the Con Comm's 'uniform'. [back to question list]